Landscape Design

A carefully crafted landscape design is only possible with the help of professional landscape designers. A well-designed landscape gives a unique identity to your home or business. This can be achieved only if the designers are well-acquainted with the various aspects of landscape designing. Before we begin the landscape design, an actual assessment of the area is performed and a continuous collaboration with the client is ensured.

Let our team of talented designers and installation professionals help you create a landscape design that meets all of your needs and desires. Our staff has the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve these goals, according to your specific conditions, whether it is for a new home or renovation of your existing landscape. For every home, our gifted residential landscape architects bring years of experience, so important in creating a truly organic plan that grows with you year after year. We aim to create a landscape design that is flawlessly perfect. It is inevitable that clients will want revisions on the plan to suit their personal taste or to give it their personal touch.

By combining your ideas and needs with our design and plant knowledge, we will plan a garden together that is uniquely yours.



You’re a Step Closer to a Beautiful Landscape!

Installing or renovating a landscape is not easy. With the various designs available, choosing one could be confusing. But worry not because we will help you decide on the most appropriate landscape design theme for your property. Choose a landscape design that is most comfortable for you. If it can make you proud, then it’s the one.

We have a winning design process that ensures our customers get exactly what they want for their outdoor space. We have a team of designers that work with you to build a plan for installation whether we do the final work or not. Our exclusive design services set us apart.

Other Services

Curbing Services

Enhance Your Home or Business with Beautiful Landscape Borders.

Concrete Services

Beautiful and versatile, pavers increase property value and are typically easier to maintain.

Rock Installation

West View is an expert who can provide you with a variety of beautiful river rocks and gravel.

Let's Get Your Project Started

West View Curbing provides the highest quality curbing and installation in the area. A West View Curbing sales consultant will meet with you on site and go through what your visions are, also he can help you determine which will match you landscaping needs best. You will have an estimate and some practical solutions for your project.

We focus on customer satisfaction, a quality product, professional installation, and beautiful curbing to enhance the overall appearance of your property.