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Get The Yard Of Your Dreams!

We provide various curbing and landscaping services to help you turn your yard into something beautiful you can’t stop looking at and feel proud of!

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A yard with nothing but dirt. A yard that doesn’t feel complete. Or just a yard that needs an upgrade.

landscape services queen creek arizona
  • 5Tired and frustrated from being inside all day unable to use your yard?
  • 5Your new house doesn't really feel like home yet?
  • 5Or maybe your yard just feels like it needs an upgrade?
  • 5And you want to change this but don’t know where to start, whether you can afford it, or how long it will take to do?

We believe you can have that beautiful yard without dealing with any of those things.

We at West View Curbing & Landscape can help you!

We know what it’s like to look at an empty, not so appealing or incomplete yard, wanting to change it and not know:
  • where to start
  • whether you can afford it
  • Or how long it will take to do
No need to worry or stress out.
We have helped hundreds of homeowners over the years turn their yards into something beautiful they enjoy and feel proud of!
And we can do the same for you!
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How We Can Help…

Curbing Services 

Commercial curbing refers to the size of curbing, typically larger curbing used in commercial applications BUT it is available to homeowners as well.

Normal Residential Curbing

Residential curbing perfect to edge, outline, or create borders and separation between your landscaping features.

Decorative Curbing

Similar to residential curbing, decorative curbing is perfect to edge, outline, or create borders and separation between your landscaping features while adding a unique look to the curbing itself.

Commercial Curbing

Commercial curbing is perfect for larger applications where you need to create an edge, outline, or create borders and separation between your landscaping features and area with heavy vehicle traffic.   

Landscaping Services


concrete queen creek Arizona
Concrete is great for driveways, pathways, patios, pool deck, steps and more. 




paver patio in queen creek arizona
Pavers are a great alternative to concrete for driveways, pathways, patios, pool deck, steps, and more. 

Artificial Turf & Sod

artificial turf and sod queen creek arizona
Sod and Artificial Turf can help add more green to that Arizona yard. 

Irrigation Installation

Irrigation installation queen creek Arizona<br />
An irrigation system is great to make sure your plants, trees, and lawn are being watered regularly without any extra work from you .    

Plant & Tree Installation

Plant and tree installation queen creek Arizona
Plants, flowers, trees and shrubs are a fantastic way to bring life to your yard and create that lush landscape you always wanted.

Rock Installation

yard rock installation queen creek Arizona<br />
The color and texture of rocks can be used to accentuate your landscape, control erosion, be used for walkways and more.  

Retaining Walls

Retaining wall installation queen creek Arizona
Whether structural or ornamental, retaining walls can help create those elevation changes to bring even more curb appeal to your home.  


Pergola installation queen creek Arizona
In this Arizona sun & heat, a pergola is a great way to add some extra shade for your outside areas. 


firepit installation queen creek Arizona<br />
If you are looking to create a central gathering area for entertainment on those later summer nights or winter gatherings, firepits are the perfect solution for that. 

Landscape Design- 2D & 3D

landscaping services including 2d and 3d design
A carefully crafted landscape design is only possible with the help of professional landscape designers.  A well-designed landscape gives a unique identity to your home or business. This can be achieved only if the designers are well-acquainted with the various aspects of landscape designing and the build process.

And more!

landscaping services including 2d and 3d design
If you do not see what you are looking for, ask because we might be able to do it for you as well. 

What you can expect from us


Dream Yard Within Financial Reach

With ZERO money down financing you no longer have to save up large amounts of money to do your project AND you can do it all at once.


Professionalism & Peace of Mind

Being a licensed, bonded, and insured business you can feel safe and confident knowing that things will be done right, the first time.


Greater Quality & Project Timeline Control

With all of our listed services done in house by us, our team can easily plan and integrate all phases of your project for greater quality and time control. 


Excellent Services

In most cases, when it comes to curbing, we can transform your property within 24 hours.


Beautiful Results

You’ll love the results and feel great about your landscaping.


All Quotes Free

We’re happy to give a free consultation. 

What our customers have to say…

Had a great experience with West View Curbing! They were very informative and professional. They even made sure we didn’t do our curbing close to any rain storms so the concrete didn’t get messed up. The final product looks amazing and the cost was more affordable than other companies in the area. They give you options of concrete color, shape, and edges. Definitely recommend!

- Julia


I can’t begin to explain how much I appreciate the fantastic job Francisco and his team did on our landscaping project. All throughout this process the communication was easy and never did I experience any pushback like I have from other landscapers in the past. I am a very picky person when it comes to contractors and I will happily recommend West View Curbing to anyone who will listen. Their attention to detail was tremendous and whenever they finished a portion of the project everything was cleaned up meticulously. How often do you find that? I am talking about washing down driveways, sweeping, and everything else. Thank you Francisco for the awesome work you and your team did.

- Brandon


It was a happy day that we found Francisco and his wonderful company. I do not write reviews but I want to tell everyone how great his team is. Our new house had a dirt back yard and although our 2 Danes live inside, it was a priority to put in grass. The mower curbing that West Side Curbing installed is beautiful. His team also did the full sprinkler system and a place where we have planted two citrus trees. Whenever I had a question, they responded quickly. We are very happy with how the yard turned out. Great people to work with – 5 stars most definitely.

-Aqua Sear


West View Curbing is absolutely phenomenal! We loved working with Francisco and his team. Communication was easy and the best of all these guys do it all. There wasn’t one thing that we asked for from curbing to concrete to installing sprinklers that they couldn’t do. They went above and beyond at a good price too! I would absolutely recommend these guys to anyone who asked.

- Seth